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Jon Faulkner

Jon graduated as an undergraduate from Brunel University in the UK in 2008 and he has been working in Ireland as Musculoskeletal (MSK) Physiotherapist in private practise ever since.

Jon further specialised into Sports Physiotherapy, gaining a Masters Degree through UCD in this discipline in 2016. Although Jon has deep sectoral experience in High Performance Sport, he is a well rounded clinician having extensive experience from working in a number of busy practices throughout Kildare and South Dublin over the last +10 years.

Additionally through his work within the Sport Ireland Institute and from travelling extensively supporting International athletes worldwide over the last number of years, Jon has a clear insight into what is required for injury management and full rehabilitation for all levels of sport right up to the very highest performance standards. Jon previously worked with Paralympics Ireland throughout its recent Golden era leading up to and at the London 2012 Paralympic Games where they won 16 medals, and then onto Lead the Physiotherapy service throughout the Rio 2016 games cycle, during which Ireland won 11 Paralympic Medals. Specifically Jon has in depth experience working in High Performance Rugby, Football, Athletics (Sprinting, Middle Distance and Long Distance Running & Throwing), Swimming and Track & Road Cycling.

His work with Paralympics Ireland has also enabled him to accumulate a large amount of experience working with people with neurological, developmental and traumatic disabilities and as a result he holds a good understanding of their specific needs when considering rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems and injuries.

Jon’s special interests lie in Sports Injury prevention, Load Management, Rehabilitation and their link to enable effective High Performance Training, and in particular within athletes’ Strength & Conditioning Programmes.

Overall Jon sees himself as a problem solver and although he has significant experience in the sporting world he also values his work with the general population for a wide range of Acute and Chronic Musculoskeletal problems.

He has post-graduate skills in manual therapy and isn’t afraid to use them to help manage his clients pain, but he is predominantly an avid advocate of health advancement through the use of education and exercise and overall views himself as a Coach to give his clients the skills and understanding the need to manage their health long term as independently as possible.

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Chartered Physiotherapist
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy 
MSc Sports Physiotherapy

Laura Ward

Laura  Ward graduated from Brunel University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physiotherapy. She is a member of ISCP and CORU.  She is a keen sports women competing in numerous marathons, triathlons and IRONMAN races. She is a mother of 2 boys.

Laura is passionate about her job and understands what it takes to restore movement and strength. She delivers progressive rehabilitation programs that suits your needs.

Laura is a specialist in the spine and pelvis. She has extensive understanding of acute disc injuries and post-operative spinal surgery, through to pregnancy related pelvic pain.  Laura’s preferred method of treatment is hands on treatment, dry needling and exercise to treat pain, restore function and rehabilitate.

As a result of her passion for pre and post-natal health and fitness, along with her clinical expertise in pelvic floor treatment, Laura is highly regarded in the Womens Health world.

Laura has been teaching Pilates for 8 years. Her Pilates classes are unique, challenging, precise, strong and dynamic. She teaches classes for all abilities.

Claire Wynne

Claire Wynne is a Primary School Teacher who has taught for the last twelve years. She qualified as a Personal Trainer in 2012 from the National Training Centre and has taught her own fitness classes as well as working in a gym.

Claire is a fitness enthusiast who is passionate about Pilates and regularly attends retreats. Claire started running three years ago and has completed her first marathon and adventure race. Pilates has become part of her daily life and it has improved her posture, strength and flexibility. Claire has recently received her diploma in Advanced Matwork Pilates from the NTC.

Claire believes that pilates allows us to connect with the mind through movement and allows the body to function optimally. ‘Pilates for me allows me to practice control of my body whilst developing my strength and flexibility. My core strength and endurance has improved greatly and this really benefitted me when training for the marathon’

Agnes Buckley

Aggie’s career started as an accountant and auditor in 2012. She first started doing Pilates to compliment her training for her first marathon and also used to reduce stress after long day in the office and studying for exams. However it was through a back injury that she really learned about the importance of Pilates, breathing and engagement of muscles correctly. She realised that it would help reduce the severe pain she was experiencing with her back and strengthen the muscles through correct breathing and engagement. 
She now utilises Pilates to increase flexibility, help prevent injury and assist her other training. After seeing first-hand how Pilates helped her in her recovery she decided to become a qualified Pilates instructor and to teach others the importance of connecting the mind to exercises being performed and correct muscle engagement.
It has allowed her to develop the strength in my back so that I no longer suffer with my back. She truly believe you are as young as your spine is flexible. She didn’t want to rely on medication and surgery for the rest of her life to fix my back in order to do simple basic daily tasks.  She teaches classes for all abilities and her classes are challenging, athletic and challenging.

Teresa Fadden

Teresa Fadden, A proud Cork woman living and working in Kildare for the past 15 years. She is married to a Kildare man and has two young children.

She has worked in the dental field for the past 20 years. Due to the nature of treating dental patients where your neck and back can often be in an awkward position she has found practising pilates for the past 10 years hugely beneficial in
keeping her pain free.

She has completed the Stott pilates essential and intermediate mat course and is looking forward to teaching other people the benefits of pilates


I have been seeing Laura on and off for several years for various complaints.  She is holistic and comprehensive in her approach combining massage, exercise and dry needling if necessary.  She is personally very supportive and caring.  I have 100% trust in her and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Fiona, Maynooth

I have been taking part in an advanced Pilates class with Laura for the past year. Laura is so welcoming and encouraging to everyone at the class. Every week I wonder which fun tool Laura has left out for us. The weeks vary from using the foam roller, magic circle, resistance bands etc. I have found this really beneficial as it challenges the body in a new and different way every week. I have noticed a real increase in my strength and muscle tone. I am a runner and it most definitely has helped me with my breathing and flexibility too!!! The core strength gained at the classes is excellent. I would highly recommend Laura as a skilled Pilates teacher. If you are looking for a challenging class that allows you to improve strength, endurance and flexibility all in one I would highly recommend that you give it a try!



LWF Physiotherapy

At LWF Physiotherapy we provide premium and quality service to individuals of all ages and abilities by highly skilled professionals who promote health, well being and independence in an atmosphere of genuine care, interest, and respect. We focus on hands on treatment, prevention and education.

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