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At LWF Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care you can expect:

  • To be a Partner in your Own Care.
  • A Goal based, Individualised approach.
  • Use of Validated Outcome Measures to track YOUR Progress towards YOUR Goals.
  • Our Work to be based on the Latest, Greatest Evidence.
  • Easy Access, App based Rehabilitation Programmes with videos that take the guess work out of your Exercises.
  • Us to Explain your problem to you in a way you can understand and teach you how WE can start to manage it well together as a Team.
  • If we can’t help you we will send you off to Someone We Trust that can, through our Extensive Network of Professional Contacts.
  • That we will Work WITH your GP and other Health Professionals in your carePilates is a dynamic form of exercise, which specifically targets our deep, core muscles whilst also strengthening and lengthening your peripheral and global muscles. This is achieved by educating the correct sequence of movement : posture, core activation, breath then move. Technique is everything. Pilates promotes functional every day movement that we need to stay mobile and strong.

We Promote Healthcare Excellence,
Wellbeing & Independence in an Atmosphere
of Genuine Care, Interest & Respect

The LWF MSK Approach

Your Initial Appointment

Talk: We give you the opportunity to tell your story then we talk through your problem and discuss all factors which might lead us in what to do during the examination process. Often this is where the big clues come regarding a Diagnosis.

The Examination: This is where we get closer to confirming the what the problem is through a few targeted examination methods which have been indicated to us to use through our previous talk. We will also record some baseline measures to help track your progress going forwards.

The ‘Working’ Diagnosis and Explantation: Following the completion of the examination we explain the most likely reason causing your problem. This is called a ‘working’ diagnosis. The more you learn in this field the more you realise things are never certain and are often not what they seem initially so instead of us saying this is it this your label and that’s definitely what’s wrong, at LWF we give you a working diagnosis, which we might alter slightly over time as things develop. If we feel we are no where near to understanding what is going and we can’t form this working diagnosis then we will quickly send you on to someone who can. Some Diagnosis’ need further investigation to confirm them, as they may need interventions outside our scope of practice and so we may request further tests to be ordered through your GP or sometimes a specialist in the area. But you can be guaranteed we will always explain things clearly and in ‘Plain English’ to you without out the jargon. At LWF we know that your understanding of what’s going on and what to do about it is THE most important part in the process!

The Objective: Once we both know a bit more about the problem at large we will next discuss what you want to achieve following completion of this episode of Physiotherapy care.

The Hands on Intervention: Often if pain and loss of function has suddenly arrived then settling this down is 1. Let’s be honest What YOU really want and 2. Is Key to allow you to start doing what is required to resolve most issues. So we will almost always try to reduce your pain by providing some hands on manual treatments in clinic during your initial assessment.

The Self-Pain Management Intervention: At LWF we feel it’s hugely important that you go home from us with an idea of how you can help yourself at home and not have to solely rely on us. So we always provide you with some advice and simple exercises in this first session to make it easier for you to manage your complaint on a day to day basis.

The Resolution Intervention: Rome wasn’t built in a day and although we probably won’t get fully into this on the first day, you can be assured we will be planning to fully address this next time.

Planning: We will always give you a rough idea about how long a course of treatment is likely to take to fully manage your problem and we set out an initial plan of what needs to be done, but we won’t be able to fully complete this process until your next appointment when we can better assess your function following further examination. After this we then try to block book the first few appointments in to secure your ideal day and time to come back in where possible

Support outside of the Clinic: We provide our clients with direct contact details for all our practitioners in case they have a query regarding their complaint after their consultation. We also make use of the latest online technology Physitrack™ App based software to assist you in understanding, managing and rehabilitating your problem as quick as possible. If your a technophobe don’t worry it’s really easy to use and it will take the Guess Work out of your exercises. All Our Clients LOVE IT!

Reports and Referrals: If required we will provide correspondence to GP’s, specialists, scan centres, employers, parents or coaches within 48 hours of your appointment.

Your First Follow Up Appointment

Check in: We ask how you are doing and ask you to rate how close you feel you are in terms of resolving your complaint. This helps us know how well you are coping and your confidence in the process which allow us to make better decisions regarding your care.

(Re)Tests: We examine you again to test you against the baseline data we took on day to see if you have progress or not since our last contact. If applicable we then move on to confirming the working diagnosis or reviewing it.

Functional Assessment: Next we move on to functional assessments which often involve a mix of movement proficiency and strength measurement testing and we then note any problems you have with these. Following completion this allows us to write down a problem list that you will need to address in order to progress with your complaint.

Goals: Once we have outlined the problems this then naturally leads on to Goal Setting. At LWF we take your Objectives set out by you last time and blend this with the problem list we’ve just formed in this follow up session to form Key Results (target’s) that you will most likely need to achieve in oder to fully manage and/or resolve your complaint. Finally we both agree on the goals to form an Effective Partnership with the aim of getting your back to doing what you do best!

The Hands on Intervention: Frequently we will continue manual therapy in this session to further aid pain relief if it will be beneficial (note in some instances hands on treatment can be detrimental but if this is the case we’ll talk you through the reasons why so you remain informed).
Resolution Interventions: At this stage the focus changes to rehabilitation with an aim of Resolving Your Complaint. We will advise a series of exercises that will help address the problems formed in the functional examination and help train this function back. Sometimes these will be daily but often if your need to build strength this might only be 2-3 times a week Max! And doing more may not be beneficial, but again we’ll run through everything with you so you informed and know the reasons why before you go off and start!

Planning: We confirm the next few appointments with you and then you head off motivated.

Support: Again our practitioners are always available to contact directly (note we will always respond to emails within 24hours but phone messages tend to take a little longer). All your exercises will be updated on Physitrack™

Subsequent Follow Up Appointments

Continuity of Care: At LWF we all work to the same standards of excellence so if you aren’t able to see the practitioner you saw previously don’t worry. We will always continue to follow the same plan formed at the start no matter who you see, as we are a close team and we all sing the same tune at LWF.

Progression: We won’t let your progress tail off at LWF. Over the course of rehabilitation it’s essential that your exercises are progressed and the level of difficulty stepped up as you get stonier and your function improves. This is how your body adapts and is the only way to improve your functional ability to expose your body to new stimulus. Your understanding of this is key and we will keep you informed of our reasoning for doing this as things progress which they most certainly will!!

Goal Attainment: As time goes on if we aren’t meeting the objectives and key results at the required time lines outlined initially then we will sit down together to discuss the reasons why this might be happening and re evaluate both the goals and timelines. If either of us isn’t happy that things are likely to be any different in the new timelines then we will do our best to refer you on to someone else who can help. The reason for our Goal Based Approach is to avoid a monotony of treatment with no clear end in site, at LWF we are not in the business of pointless or hopeful because ultimately we really care about your health and wellbeing and this is THE primary reason we do what we do.


Ultimately everything we do at LWF comes down to our mission statement and I hope they way we work reflects this but you can be the judge of that:

We Promote Healthcare Excellence,
Wellbeing & Independence in an Atmosphere
of Genuine Care, Interest & Respect

LWF Physiotherapy

At LWF Physiotherapy we provide premium and quality service to individuals of all ages and abilities by highly skilled professionals who promote health, well being and independence in an atmosphere of genuine care, interest, and respect. We focus on hands on treatment, prevention and education.

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