Simon Zihlmann


MSK Specialist

CORU reg. Chartered Physiotherapist

Like LWF Physiotherapy Simon is passionate about Innovation and Excellence.

In his own words:

“Without doing this (Learning new ways), I would feel that I am doing them (his clients) a disservice. Change is something that has to come naturally to the best in our profession. Those that fail to adapt and change get left behind, and I certainly don’t want to be left behind.”

A Graduate of Salford University in 2017, Simon worked in the NHS for 2 years before moving to Canada working as a MSK specialist for a further 2 years before returning once again to Europe in 2021 and beginning his role as a LWF MSK Physiotherapist.

Simon will always hear your story and help you Feel Better through his use of hands on treatments to Recover quickly. Although, Simon sees himself predominantly as a “Coach” rather than a “fixer” so his treatments will quickly progress to focus on exercise therapy, advice and education to give you the means to Resolve your complaint and achieve your objectives to excel in the activities and lifestyle that you enjoy best.

COVID-19 Response

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