LWF Physiotherapy was founded in 2018 by Laura Ward & Jon Faulkner out of a desire to do things differently and BETTER in the Physiotherapy Private Practice space. LWF now has a growing team of 5 Expert Physiotherapists and a Gold Standard Customer Service & Administration Team to support them. A major expansion in 2021will see us opening up into the adjacent unit K2B to add a large cutting edge Gym, Rehab and Pilates Space perfect for the physical distancing needs of these Pandemic times with the aim of becoming industry leaders for Physiotherapy in Maynooth, Kildare, South Meath & West Dublin.

Everything we do at LWF comes back to the original values we decided to base our business on back in 2018:

We Promote Person Centered Healthcare Excellence, Wellbeing & Indepenence and Support this through and atmosphere of Accountability, Integrity & Respect

So how is the team at LWF Physiotherapy so different?

  • We see ourselves as Coaches rather than fixers.
  • We focus on The Why in our work to allow our clients to understand and motivate them to hit certain goals
  • If you can’t Measure It you can’t Move It, so we focus on testing to know and show what we do works
  • We get to Know each other and our clients so we know how best to work with each different person
  • We Support each other to help the team
  • We Lead Leaders
  • We Challenge each other and accept a Challenge
  • We Reflect on what we do and why we do it
  • We Change and Progress for continued Excellence
  • ALL with an attitude of Gratitude towards each other
  • To continually work to Be The Best Possible Version of Ourselves

We call this The LWF Way.

Jon & Laura have lived locally in Maynooth for over 10 years and now live just outside the town in Kilcloon, Co. Meath. They have 2 children Toby and Quinn who occasionally ‘help out’ in the clinic from time to time by throwing all the Pilates equipment around the place!

Laura heads up our Specialist Women’s Health services: LWF Pelvic Care and LWF Mom Time, along with our Industry leading LWF Pilates programmes.

Jon heads up the more General (Musculoskeletal) side of things through LWF MSK along with BE BETTER Fitness, our new and exciting Performance focussed Health and Fitness service. Currently he is also working on a new project: LWF Sport, which will promote Premium Sports Physiotherapy services regionally to the next generation of High Performance Athletes.

So Watch this Space!

Ready to be Better

COVID-19 Response

45 minute Face-to-Face Appointments Continue with Enhanced Infection Control Processes in Place to Protect You:

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LWF @Home Online Appointments are Available Too When Required:

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