Do you want to BE THE BEST ?
you can BE BETTER

The BEST COACHES & ATHELETES always have the BEST TEAM to back them up.

Our FULLY TAILORED PREMIUM PRODUCT built from Pro Sport Experience, Cutting Edge Technology & Podium Level Equipment make sure that YOU TOO CAN GET THE VERY BEST

Track Your Path to sustained SUCCESS and HIGH PERFORMANCE with our UNIQUE BE BETTER system

With many years of Elite and International experience under our belts LWF SPORT Physiotherapists know that when you are working with High Performance Athletes you need something more than just your usual Physiotherapy approach. For true High Performance Physiotherapy you have to work not just with the athlete but with their coach and the rest of their support team too. It is this communication and teamwork that really brings things to another level.

Our BE BETTER System Is Your Pathway To Sustained Success & High Performance

At LWF Your Rehab mimics the same 4 week training blocks you normally use and focused on the same strategy each of your training blocks would normally do:


  • Assess the situation, Make the Analysis : Do we? Push Harder / Maintain / De-load
  • Make Goals
  • Form an Initial Plan
  • Coach Report : Run the Plan Past Your Coach
  • Agree a Full Plan Together
  • Make a Start and Work Hard


  • Focus on Your Goals
  • Build on week 1 and up your game
  • Increase Load

Week 3: WORK

  • Nearly at the end of the block, do You want to make Your goal?
  • Further Increase Load
  • Hard Work Pays Off!


  • Slight De-load
  • Focus shifts to Testing where you are right now
  • Get ready to Go Further

Benefits of LWF SPORT

  • Supervised Rehab
  • Detailed Reports to Athlete / Coach / Parent / Support Team (as required)
  • Rehab Gym Access daily
  • Complimentary Massage During Week 1
  • Further Sports Massage at highly discounted rates
  • Complimentary Individualised LWF SPORT branded: Injury Tool Kit2
  • Complimentary Use of Infinity Recovery Rooms After Rehab Sessions
  • Metrifit┬« tracker
  • Physitrack┬« Rehab Planner
  • Output Sports┬«
  • Video Analysis
  • Discount with our Partners

Ready to be Better

COVID-19 Response

45 minute Face-to-Face Appointments Continue with Enhanced Infection Control Processes in Place to Protect You:

  • LWF Staff are Screened 2x Weekly with Covid Antigen Tests
  • LWF Staff are Vaccinated

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LWF @Home Online Appointments are Available Too When Required:

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