Need help? WITH LWF you won’t just

Our LWF Pilates classes are Fun but Fierce, guaranteed to STRENGTHEN & LENGTHEN YOUR BODY and put a smile on your face in a community environment

The Results: BETTER HEALTH & PERFORMANCE in the Safe hands of Expert Chartered Physiotherapists

Our intimate and personal classes are led to the highest standards by our expert practitioners, are all about attention to detail, moving in the correct way, breathing with every move, with specific cueing and focus to help you understand the activation and engagement needed to stay strong and mobile.



Yes, this is mandatory for all first time class members. We need to be aware of your health and fitness levels and any prior injuries or conditional limitations in order to tailor your class and monitor you accordingly

If you are currently attending physiotherapy and have been referred to Pilates from one of our team you will still need to complete relevant forms.

Bring yourself and a smile! We provide all the equipment. Dress comfortable for lots of movement.

All classes are 45 minutes in duration with the exception of our Antenatal and Postnatal classes will be 60 minutes duration.

Don’t worry you’re not alone as we always have new clients in our Level 1 classes.

Mat classes: Prior to the start of class, our instructors confirm any new participants and ensure they’re given an overview of the principles of pilates including breathing, posture and core engagement.

Reformer class: If you have never used a reformer machine before we encourage you to start with a 1-1 with one of our physiotherapist. A great chance to get individual attention to assist you in achieving your goals quicker and safer for future group based classes

Pilates can be practiced every day. At LWF we recommend 1-2  Pilates sessions a week to enhance what you are already doing and. Every person has different issues or limitations. Doing something, even once a week, is better than doing nothing at all!

Pilates is a major part of each LWF pathway RECOVER – RESTORE – RESOLVE

Absolutely! Even though Pilates offers much more then just rehabilitation, we can help you recover faster and more safely while keeping up your fitness levels. It is important to remember that our teachers have extensive knowledge of injuries and post surgery rehab as well as antenatal and postnatal health.

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