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Pelvic Care Consult is a Specialist Physiotherapy Assessment recommended for men and women who are experiencing a problem or pain in their pelvis. At LWF our Expert Pelvic Health Physiotherapists have advanced training on the muscles, ligaments, and nerves, that affect the pelvic region

There are many gynaecological, mens health, bladder, bowel, abdominal, pregnancy, postnatal and musculoskeletal conditions that can benefit from pelvic health physiotherapy and LWF’s professional team are here to help you! Pelvic health physiotherapy is recommended as the first-line treatment for various pelvic floor dysfunctions to help restore the proper function of the pelvic region.

We appreciate that it can sometimes be hard or feel embarrassing to ask for help in these areas of YOUR body. Our consultations will be carried out at your ease. At LWF we aim to out you FRONT & CENTRE of your personal care, future proofing BETTER HEALTH & WELLNESS for YOU & YOUR FAMILY.


At your first appointment, your pelvic health physiotherapist will take a thorough history of your current situation, medical history and injuries or surgeries to date. Your physio will then do a physical examination, the nature of which will depend on your issue. They will generally start by looking at your posture before checking specific joints or muscles around the pelvis and/or hips. If required, real-time ultrasound or an internal examination may also be done. They will be able to identify what part of the LWF pathway you are on and individualised treatment program will then be developed to bring you to the resolve stage.

A pelvic floor examination is mostly done through an internal vaginal assessment. However if you do not feel comfortable to do this your pelvic health therapist can help you in other ways to guide your treatment plan and understanding of the pelvis.

An internal examination involves the physiotherapist assessing the internal structures of the pelvis, including the pelvic floor, deep hip and pelvic muscles, pelvic organs or coccyx bone/joint. This may be vaginal or a rectal examination, where the physiotherapist uses a gloved digit/finger to assess the relevant structures related to your story. An internal examination will only be performed with your full consent, and there are other options (pregnancy or other) for assessment if you prefer.

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