Aly Walker


Women’s Health & Pelvic Specialist

CORU reg. Chartered Physiotherapist

Aly is truly a One of a Kind Clinician, not only is she a vastly experienced Senior Women’s Health Physiotherapist, she is also a Practising Midwife and compliments this by providing Paediatric Physiotherapy for infants too. As a result she has a extremely holistic view of Mother’s and Babies and this allows her to understand her clients situation in a very unique way.

After a few minutes with Aly you will know you are in the hands of someone who is not only an Expert but also someone who is Easy to Connect with. Aly will help you understand what is wrong and what the right plan is for you to move past what’s been holding you back. Over a short period of time she will help you to develop a clear pathway towards Feeling Better and finally a real Resolution to Be Better!

Aly brings not only many years of experience at the Coombe Maternity Hospital but also her own personal experience as a Mom to LWF Physiotherapy and we are delighted to now have her providing LWF Mom Time, LWF Pelvic Care and Paediatric Physiotherapy services to you in the Private Sector.