Laura Ward


Clinical Lead

Women’s Health & Pelvic Specialist

CORU reg. Chartered Physiotherapist

The Founder and inspiration behind LWF Physiotherapy, Laura Ward graduated from Brunel University in 2006 and after working extensively in MSK Physiotherapy she decided on up-skilling and transitioning to become one of only a handful Full-time Specialist Women’s Health & Pelvic Physiotherapists in Ireland. Following 3 years at The Coombe Women and Infant’s University Hospital Laura decided on bringing the knowledge and skills honed in Ireland’s Leading Women’s Health Facility to you through our LWF Mom Time and LWF Pelvic Care Services.

Laura has a passion for running and is a former National level Triathlete who has competed in numerous events in Ireland and abroad. Now as a business owner and of mother of three she understands the importance of balancing family life with the demands of work and is a firm believer in the benefits of effective exercise and Better health in order to help you manage these demands.

Laura is passionate about clinical excellence and ensuring those standards are maintained throughout all of LWF’s services. Being both a Mom and a Leading Clinician she understands what it takes to fully Recover from a Women’s Health and Pelvic perspective, but it is her experience that really sets her apart, in that she understands that everyone is different and she can tailor the process to fit Your Needs.