Clinical Pilates

Initial Assessment

An Initial Assessment with our expert Physiotherapist, will determine your directional preference taking into consideration your clinical history, current diagnosis or injury and any movement inadequacies that might be causing you pain or holding you back from achieving your long-term goals. This assessment will determine your ability and strength to join a Physiotherapist led 4:1 client class or continue on a 1:1 basis .


Personalised Clinical Reformer Pilates is perfect for delivering safe and effective exercise tailored to your body, your goals and lifestyle for your general wellbeing and day to day injury prevention. A lot of our clients come to supplement their current exercise regimes and keep themselves fit for their respective sports. Whatever your sport, there’s a role for Pilates in your conditioning.


Clinical Pilates classes have a maximum of 4 clients, each working to their own program. They provide the superb balance of a motivating class environment with the security, hands-on attention and clinical expertise of a physiotherapist, not available in studio classes.