Knee Pain

Knee pain is very common and can arise from multiple causes and as with all injuries the first step in Resolving your Pain is always getting a trusted diagnosis.

LWF MSK Physiotherapists are well placed to assess and advise you about what kind of issue it is that you have and the steps to Recover then Resolve your complaint.

Here are few common complaints that our expert MSK team can help you begin your pathway to Be Better:

Thankfully this painful complaint is often just a pre-warning from your nervous system that not all is as well as it was, although it can like something is very wrong with your knee. On occasion a structural injury or degeneration can cause pain but this is less common in this location. To ensure your managing your particular problem correctly the very best thing you can do is seek the advice of a trusted LWF MSK Professional.

Pain caused by the tendons at the front of your knee frequently caused by doing too much too soon or without enough recovery between intense bouts of activity knee pain can be down to structural injury or just a pre-warning from you nervous system that not all is as well as it was. This will become persistent unless you place it in the right environment to heal, so don’t delay start this today.

Common in social and athletic sports, typified by sharp pain following a quick turn or tackle. Some can be simple and others can be very problematic but in all cases complications can be common so it’s best to get your pain assessed as soon as possible and get on the right road to Resolution with LWF.

Cartilage and sometimes bony injuries can occur from collisions or as a secondary injury following a ligament injury and complications are common so it’s best to get your pain assessed as soon as possible after injury by a trusted MSK Specialist at LWF before you test it out again and understand the steps required to safely return to what you love.

This often occurs in one or both of the inner/outer compartments of the knee commonly with advancing age and can be down to normal changes in the meniscus that sits between the joint and or cartilage that covers the inside of the outside of the knee joint. If you think of it like ‘Wrinkles on the inside’ that sums it up quite well in that it doesn’t look as good as it once did but you’re still good to go! These complaints which are often painful and once were treated almost completely surgically without great results, following significant evidence have thankfully now been shown to improve best with specific exercise and strengthening programmes, which LWF MSK Physiotherapists are well placed to help you with.

Depending on your presentation,
your LWF MSK physiotherapist might:

Give you hands on pain relief

  • Perform Massage to reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Perform Acupuncture/Dry Needling to reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Perform Joint Mobilisations
  • Perform Joint Manipulations

Give you some great tools for your rehab

  • Physitrack® App
  • Your own Individualised LWF Pathway to Health & Performance Guide Sheet

Test you

  • Joint Movement
  • Muscle Strength & Function
  • Endurance
  • Foundation Movements
  • Video Analysis
  • Proven Outcome Measurement Tools
  • Suggest An LWF Diagnostic Ultrasound Examination Appointment

Prescribe exercise for you

  • Pain Relief Tools
  • Mobility Exercise
  • Strength Exercise
  • Capacity Exercise
  • Suggest a BE BETTER Fitness Programme
  • Suggest a LWF Pilates Programme

Educate you

  • Show you where your problem is using 3D images
  • Help You set Objectives for the Resolution of your complaint
  • Help You Modify Your activity to manage Your problem
  • Discuss Your thoughts about Your Pain
  • Help You Understand Why
  • Discuss the real Cause of Your problem
  • Help Guide Your Progress back to the activities You do
  • Show You how to keep the Pain away
  • Show You how to Improve Your Performance
  • Help you Understand how to BE BETTER