LWF Antenatal Prehab classes are delivered by our expert Pelvic Health Physiotherapists demonstrating fantastic ways to exercise and stretch your body safely during pregnancy.

We believe preparing your body both physically and mentally during this special time sets down a great foundations for your birth and postnatal journey.

Our antenatal classes focus on your key muscle groups that can often be stressed and stretched during pregnancy, your pelvic floor mobility and each class our expert physiotherapist delivers evidence based antenatal education informing and preparing you for all stages of your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

I’ve attended two terms of Antenatal Pilates with Laura and can’t recommend them highly enough. I’ve attend other antenatal classes previously…also run by physiotherapists but Laura’s is by far the best. The exercises are varied and interesting and can adapted if you need it. Laura is also a wealth of knowledge about antenatal and post natal issues and shares this at the classes. I feel far better prepared for labour & beyond after attending the Antenatal Pilates classes at lwf.