Neck Related Headache

Neck Pain is now the second most reported health complaint worldwide and the third highest cause of years lost to disability (YLD) therefore having a both a huge emotional and economic cost over time.

Although there are many causes of headache and some cannot be aided by targeting the neck, ruling in or out the pain arising fully or in part from you neck is an important part of managing persistent headaches. This is because even though the neck may not be the primary cause of your headache, many headaches are in fact mixed in type with significant cross over between Tension Type Headaches (resultant from stress), Migraine and Cervico-genic (AKA Neck Related) headaches.

But first if you have any of the below complaints we suggest it may be best to you get the advice of a Physician before attending LWF Physiotherapy:

  • Any recent head injury
  • Recurrent Concussions
  • Any Nausea or Vomiting
  • Any Skin Rashes or unexplained redness
  • If you have had any blackouts or dizzy spells
  • If you have any altered sensation or weakness in your face, arms or legs

Hands on treatment is an important part of treating any neck related headache but the real cause can often be down to strength deficits following repeated pain and subsequently disuse. Your LWF MSK Physiotherapist can help you at times in part or fully understand of the underlying cause of your problem and put you on the pathway to health and performance to finally Be Better.

Depending on your presentation,
your LWF MSK physiotherapist might:

Give you hands on pain relief

  • Perform Massage to reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Perform Acupuncture/Dry Needling to reduce muscle tension and pain
  • Perform Joint Mobilisations
  • Perform Joint Manipulations

Give you some great tools for your rehab

  • Physitrack® App
  • Your own Individualised LWF Pathway to Health & Performance Guide Sheet

Test you

  • Joint Movement
  • Muscle Strength & Function
  • Endurance
  • Foundation Movements
  • Video Analysis
  • Proven Outcome Measurement Tools
  • Suggest An LWF Diagnostic Ultrasound Examination Appointment

Prescribe exercise for you

  • Pain Relief Tools
  • Mobility Exercise
  • Strength Exercise
  • Capacity Exercise
  • Suggest a BE BETTER Fitness Programme
  • Suggest a LWF Pilates Programme

Educate you

  • Show you where your problem is using 3D images
  • Help You set Objectives for the Resolution of your complaint
  • Help You Modify Your activity to manage Your problem
  • Discuss Your thoughts about Your Pain
  • Help You Understand Why
  • Discuss the real Cause of Your problem
  • Help Guide Your Progress back to the activities You do
  • Show You how to keep the Pain away
  • Show You how to Improve Your Performance
  • Help you Understand how to BE BETTER