Reformer Pilates to ELEVATE YOUR WORKOUT with the Professional’s #1 Choice: BALANCED BODY® ALLEGRO 2® REFORMERS, the coolest cutting edge pilates equipment around.

Try our small group classes in a  our new spacious studio created with you in mind. As you navigate your way around our reformer machines, the spring-loaded sessions will hit your body in a way that delivers balanced resistance guided length and load building strong bodies and with controlled movements.

Choose your level

Level 1  RECOVER New to Pilates ( 1-1 assessment needed in advance)

LWF RECOVER class is designed for the beginner to become familiar and learn the foundation Pilates exercises. With a high level of focus on alignment and posture, these classes are educational targeting clients who are new to reformer Pilates or who want to take it at a slower pace. Options to progress and modify are given throughout the class.

Level 2  RESTORE Time to turn up the heat

Once your instructor feels you are ready to move on from Level 1 RECOVER classes, our intermediate classes will step up a gear.

Classes are performed on (and around) the reformer, and include a dynamic mix of strengthening, lengthening and core stabilising moves  making it one of the most effective and sweat-inducing low-impact workouts you’ll ever do. 

Ideal for everyone looking to challenge your balance and coordination, while improving your posture, mobility, body awareness and endurance. Enjoy individual attention, with a maximum of 4 per class.

Level 3 RESOLVE Is not for the faint hearted.

This class will challenge the more experienced clients, sculpting your body to new limits. An intense workout focusing on your strength, endurance and fitness levels. Prepare to sweat, shake and burn!